Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dr. Sketchy's

December Dr. Sketchy's! (finally!)

Um, these were all 10-15 minute sketches drawn with live models (yay!). The ink and color were added later, maybe an extra 15 min. each.

The red-head is Lushes LaMoan and the brunette is Radiant Lenore. They are not only beautiful models, but incredibly sweet and funny, too.

As usual, the December Sketchy's was loads of fun. I had the chance to stick around longer this time and meet more of the artists. If you have a minute, I highly recommend that you stop by my local sketchy's blog and check out some of the other artists sketches of the event. Blogsite:

I still have more full body sketches of Radiant Lenore and a couple of group shots that I'll try to finish later.

Mechanical pencil, graphite, ink, and copic marker on cardstock.
Artwork (c) Jennifer Rose Evans

My DeviantArt site (this is where most of my artwork lies)

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